COVID-19 Apartments Precautions

We follow the best practices to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Our staff have all been trained on best-practice hygiene and sanitisation and won’t be offering the outstretched handshake that you are accustomed to. Instead, a friendly smile will be waiting to greet you warmly upon your arrival and during your stay. Hand sanitisers are freely available in all our rooms, public areas and back of house areas.

We have implemented the specific protocols aimed at reducing contact between guests and staff to alleviate the risk of transmission, continuous and stringent social distancing etiquette will be implemented between guest and staff to reduce person-to- person contact.

Public areas will routinely be cleaned on a 24-hour basis.

  • Covid 19 questionnaire.
  • Arrivals to be pre-paid by EFT or Credit Card.
  • Estimated time of arrival confirmed.

  • Temperature testing on arrival.
  • Paperless or pre-arrival check in - all door handles / key cards to be sanitised several times. All documentation to be obtained prior to arrival.
  • Reception to be available during limited time periods – On-site staff on call.

Cleaning of Apartments
  • Sanitisation / deep clean prior to arrival.
  • Increase time between check-out & check-in to ensure housekeeping have sufficient times for thorough cleaning of units.
  • Specialised cleaning units within housekeeping department created to focus on high hygiene cleaning protocols.